About Me

Hi, and thanks for visiting my site!

I’m currently studying computer science at Newcastle University, England. Within the sector my main interests are in HCI and Cyber Security. Within HCI, I’m curious as to how we can integrate computers into the everyday lives of disabled people. I’m that interested in it, I wrote a literature review on it for a coursework assignment (see here).

When I’m not working, you can usually find me tinkering about with a computer, watching Manchester City play, or doing a pub quiz with my mates (and invariably coming last).

In industry, I’ve got some experience from being ‘Bespoke Consultant’ at Waterstons Limited in Durham, a casual software developer for Open Lab at Newcastle University, and starting in July 2018 I will be a Software Engineer Intern at Sophos for a year.

My computing knowledge has been shown academically by achieving an A* in both Computer Science GCSE and A Level, and passing first year of university with an 84.5% average, which is a strong Class I grade.

At university, I have developed more knowledge related to computer science, such as Java, C, web development and computer structure. I volunteer with ‘IT On the Move’, which aims to improve computer confidence within the Newcastle community. I am also on the Student Staff Committee in my school as Deputy Chair and Undergraduate School Representative, so I represent all Undergraduate Computer Science students to the Students’ Union and SAgE faculty. I also act well as ‘Tech Officer’ on NUCATS committee (Newcastle University Computing and Technology Society) where I will be running a session on making a Google Assistant Action. Additionally, I am an ambassador for the School of Computing Science, which involves outreach events and helping at the applicant days.

If you’d like a copy of my CV, pop me an email by clicking ‘Email’ in the navigation bar at the top.

I’m really enthusiastic about computer science, and I look forward to learning new technologies and working in the industry!